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Thunderbolt Cookies was founded by Darnai Thomas. Darnai is a proudĀ  HBCU graduate of thee Tennessee State University. He also attended the Art Institute of Nashville from 2011-12 to hone his craft. Mr. Thomas had a love for cookies and sweets as his aunt made chocolate chip and pecan cookies. During this process, she gave him dough so he could bake his own while away at college. This recipe was simply a “ready made” recipe from the grocery store. His imagination and vision allowed this to become a reality.


Why Thunderbolt? Mr. Thomas’ grandfather’s name is Oscar “Thunderbolt” Thurman. His grandfather was his primary culinary influence so he wanted to pay it forward and name the company after his grandfather. “My grandfather allowed me to turn my passion into a business”, states Mr. Thomas.



Thunderbolt Cookies is a minority owned company. Being involved in the community and providing products to each and every family one dozen at a time is how we plan to build this company.


Company Officially Launched


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